Subsidized homeopathic care

Subsidized homeopathic care

Homeopathy is not covered by the national health insurance plan. Private Extended Health plans can provide partial coverage for treatment by homeopaths, depending on the type of plan.

If your insurance plan includes homeopathic coverage, I encourage you to submit my official ANQ receipts for homeopathic treatment to your insurance provider for reimbursement. My ANQ member number is 5753.

Homeopathy at a very low fee

I offer greatly reduced fees for children and for low-income families. See subsidized homeopathic care in my fees schedule for details.

I am offering homeopathic care at a reduced price, because I believe that homeopathy and non-toxic healthcare should be accessible to all. The physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our children and their parents is an important investment in the future of humanity.

If you would like to apply for subsidized homeopathic care, please fill in this form and I will contact you at the earliest convenience.

Certain conditions apply.

Request for subsidized homeopathic care

Main symptom(s)

Please give a short description of your primary symptom(s). A specific questionnaire for your symptom type will then be sent to you.
When did the main symptom start approximately
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY (if under 19 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign.) I understand that Chantal Calais is a homeopath and not a licensed medical doctor. As such, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to seek medical diagnosis and advice for my present and future conditions. In consulting with Chantal Calais, I am exercising my right to choose an alternative method of treatment through which to address my total health. I agree that “symptoms” from my consultations may be used for homeopathic teaching purposes. I acknowledge that all personal information will be kept confidential.
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